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What’s Wrong With Tax Deed Investing?

You may have heard that tax deed investing is a great way to purchase properties for back taxes. But here are the reasons why it doesn’t always work out that way. First of all these tax sales are competitive and though the bidding for tax sale properties may start at the back taxes owed, any property with a house on it is bid up at the sale, sometimes close to market value. Then what makes it even more difficult for the average person to buy a home at a sale is that in most counties is, you need to have the full bid amount, in certified funds on the day of the tax sale or the day after the tax sale. That means that you have to have all of your cash on the day of the sale. You do not have time to get financing. So what is a person in one of these competitive deed states to do? How can you buy properties for pennies on dollar in one of these states?

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Invest in Your Health Today

Massage is a cornerstone of health and wellness, not a luxury.

There is no question that times are still tough economically. Even if we haven’t see a difference in our own bottom line, we hear the dire news everyday. Everyone is looking for ways to save money- cutting back on anything that seems unnecessary in the budget. Business continue to cut costs, and individuals are still scaling back in their consumer spending. For many, it can be tempting to trim your wellness budget in these lean economic times.

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